The Adventures

The preliminary adventures of Mala Zedik start when closed beta releases July 20th 2021.

The pacifist adventures start August 31st when the game launches.

These adventure will be a 5 episodes a week along with a week recap episode on the weekends. (As the game permits) Part of the recap I'll add some personal insight and my thoughts on how its been up to that point.

Watch Live at Twitch

Streaming Schedule:

Monday to Friday

9:00am PST until 2:00pm PST

Twitch Handle: Mala_Zedik [You can also click the image to open the stream]

Watch Episodic on Youtube

I have to wait 24 hours after streaming to upload to YouTube since I am a twitch affiliate. During this time I will do some video editing to remove any moot points of the stream that I feel don't add to the focus of game play. [IE: Standing around afk / doing nothing in game]

Every weekend, no later than Sunday evening PST, I will be posting a podcast-like review of the played week under the Release (2021) section of the website along side the text script I used to create the podcast.