What is RNG?

RNG is short for random number generation. This is the term players use when talking about the chances of something happening. For example; if I am trying to get an item that has a 1% chance to drop I am waiting on the RNG to grant me that 1%.

** Information was obtained during Closed Beta and is no longer up to date. **

How does loot RNG work in New World?

82% of New World's loot RNG is based on a 100,000 dice roll. (634 Loot tables, 522 use 100k) When any kind of loot is generated for a player, it rolls a dice against a loot table to determine what the player obtains. Since most of the loot tables use the 100,000 formula I am going to stick with that for explaining how RNG works in New World.

Lets say for example you are trying to farm up perk items from logging trees. To obtain a perk item you are required to roll a 95,000 or higher on the dice. This gives you a 5,000 out of 100,000 chance (5%) in order of obtaining a perk item each time you log a tree.

Bonus Roll & ROL"TradeSkill"

There are over 10+ kinds of bonus rolls towards your RNG:

Bonus Roll - A global modifier that can be applied to all your rolls (Or as New World states "chances at rare items from chests and monsters."). There has been no confirmation within the data-mining community if it is indeed limited to chests/monsters or all loot. The rolls are not always added to your rolls as there are things like "LuckSafe" that may prevent it.

ROL"TradeSkill" - Every Trade Skill has a ROL value connected with them, meaning there are a total of 17 different ROL bonuses. These bonuses are connected to those trade skills only and nothing else. For example ROLMining is for mining bonuses only and nothing else.

A bonus roll adds to whatever your base roll is. Lets say your bonus roll is +50 and you rolled a 500 on the dice, this means you rolled a 550 on the loot table. The higher your bonus roll the better chances you have to obtain rarer items as it shrinks the failure chances.

Sometimes you are required to roll higher than 100,000 in order to obtain items. When this occurs you need some kind of roll bonus to break that threshold. A level 200 logger will have a 2,000 bonus roll when logging. Check "Thresholds" for an exact breakdown!

Lets say you want an item that requires a roll of 101,000 in order to gather. This means you would need a +1,000 bonus roll to have a chance to obtain the item. It would be a very small 1 out of 100,000 (0.001%) chance. Anything less than +1,000 for a bonus roll would mean it is impossible as you are not able to roll high enough. Just means get more bonus rolls!

% Chance of rare items Versus # points of luck

Some items in New World have an increased % chance of luck and other items have a # point value of luck. These items work differently towards your RNG and its important to know the difference when you have to pick between the two.

The % chance of luck items work in such a way that they keep their % chance of luck no matter what loot table they are rolling on. If you are rolling on a 100,000 loot table, then it would provide you with a +1,000 roll towards your RNG. If it is a 100 loot table it would provide you with a +1 roll towards your RNG. Thus it will always be giving you a 1% chance of luck on whatever loot table you roll on.

The # points of luck items work in a way that their bonus will change based on what loot table you are rolling on. Lets assume you have +2000 ROLMining from food and you are rolling on a 100,000 loot table, the +2000 value would give you a 2% increase on finding rarer items while mining; however if you are rolling on a 50,000 loot table the +2000 value would be a 4% increase on finding rarer items. Meaning your # value in luck isn't a static value, but dynamic based on what you are looting.


Here are some thresholds to consider when gathering materials:

  • 101,000 - Entry Tier 2/3 Rare Materials (Harvesting, Logging, and Mining) [Trade Skill Level 100]

  • 101,500 - Entry Rare Items Skinning (Hides*) [Skinning Level 150]

  • 101,450 - Entry Tier 4 Rare Materials (Harvesting, Logging, and Mining) [Trade Skill Level 145]

  • 101,800 - Entry Tier 5 Rare Materials (Harvesting, Logging, and Mining) [Trade Skill Level 180]

*Hides also have a target level requirement with it, so even if you have +1500 ROL you may not get the rare hide you want.

I do want to make note that this is limited to only gathering resources from a node. Some of these items are easier to obtain from looting Provision Containers and the like.


Sometime there are conditions that are required in order for you to roll on certain loot tables. For example; there are both fresh and salt water fish. The conditional requirement to access the salt water fish is for you to fish in a body of water that is salt based.

The 3 most common conditionals for the loot tables are:

  1. Enemy Level (Leather & Skins)

  2. Location (Dungeon & Fishing)

  3. Player Level (Gear Score & Tiered Rewards)

Since player level is one of the conditionals, it will be normal to make some items unobtainable simply because the player out level the range it was obtainable.

Loot Tables for Loot Tables

Some of the rare resources requires you to double roll for a chance to obtain them. Logging for example will have a rare resource loot table. In order to access the rare resources loot table the dice must roll 101,000 or greater. Once the roll is greater than 100,999 then the rare loot table is accessed and another roll is done to determine what is obtained.

Nested loot tables is a way to lower the chances of obtaining an item. With a 5% chance to access a rare resource table and then a 25% chance of obtaining the rare resource means you have a 1.25% (0.05*0.25*100) chance of actually obtaining it.

The layering of loot tables encourages players to use Bonus Rolls (Lucky Perks) to obtain items.

Loot Table Types

There are 2 different kinds of loot tables; guaranteed and non-guaranteed. A guaranteed loot table means if you've gained access to it you will obtain an item no matter what the dice rolled. For example the rare harvesting resource table has 3 items in it, each with a 5% chance of obtaining the items. If you failed the roll on each of the items you will be given the lowest listed item in the loot table (Generally a Tier 1 version).

How does crafting RNG work in New World?

Crafting RNG uses a percent-weight system over the dice system. Crafting is assigned a percentage chance for something to happen. For example when crafting a Tier 2 Sword there is a 30% chance for a perk, 30% chance for a gem/socket, and a 35% chance for an attribute type. The weighted system comes into play for the assignment of the loot table accessed.

A 100% chance system is basically the same as a 100 sided dice roll. Each side of the dice represents the 1% chance of something happening. In this case of crafting we are rolling a 100 sided dice trying to hit 31 or below for our 30% chance mark. (Remember dice have no 0 face, just 1-100 which is why it is 31 and not 30.)

Weight System (Tickets)

The weight system is like a drawing for a lottery. Each possibility has a certain number of tickets and places them into the bag. For this example lets assume 5 different perks have the 10 tickets and all was entered into the drawing. This means we have to pick 1 ticket out of 50 giving us a 20% (10/50*100) chance of drawing any given perk.

Most of the perks are evenly weighted for the loot tables they are part of, but this isn't the case for the gems. Empty gem slots have 140 tickets while each of the elemental types have 15 tickets. Nature (15), Ice (15), Arcane (15), Lightning (15), Void (15), Fire (15), and empty (140) giving us a total of 230 tickets to pull from. This gives each elemental about a 6.5% (15/230*100) chance and the empty slot about a 61% (140/230*100)

What can you do with this information?

I follow the idea that information is power. By doing this it is my hope that you have a better understanding of why things don't drop for you when you are trying to farm something.

I also did this to explain some of the information on this website!