Thank you for stopping by the website. At this time development for NWP is discontinued until further notice. There have been some website hosting issues amongst other problems. A lot of the information on this website may be outdated or old now, so keep that in mind when browsing the content.

New World Pacifist

This website was created by Mala Zedik for the dedication of his pacifist character and to help others with a pacifist character in the New World game. The game is made by Amazon Game Studio and released September 28th, 2021.

There are two different kind of pacifist characters in New World. Make sure to check out the FAQ section to learn the differences between them!

New World Content Creator

I am part of New World's content creator program. Thanks to Amazon's Creator Program I am able to use assets and other images they provide me with. As part of the program they do not pay me, but provide me with materials to further my projects for New World. Thank you Amazon for the support!

In the future there may be other things that may come with this program. (Possible Giveaways, early access to future content, and more!) Please make sure to follow my Twitter and Twitch for further updates on how the creator program has been helping me.