General FAQ

The section covers the idea behind a New World Pacifist character.

What is a pacifist character?

A pacifist character is very similar to a pacifist in the real world. By definition, a pacifist is a person who believes that war and violence are unjustifiable. This means the as player in New World, I wouldn't take part in any kind of violence or war. I will take part of actives and content that doesn't require the character to inflict pain upon anything living.

Why a pacifist character?

The simple answer is it is a challenge and fun. Everybody plays games and enjoys them differently. I love to impose a self challenges when it comes to playing games. My first self-imposed challenge I've ever completed was Final Fantasy 1 with four white mages (the original version that used spell slots and not mana). Iji was the first game that caused me to think about a pacifist character and ever since playing that game I've become a sucker for that kind of play style. For this adventure/challenge I want to record it and share it with the world.

Differences between a "pure" pacifist and pacifist?

A pure pacifist wouldn't fish, while a pacifist would. It is a bit of splitting hairs on this one, but think of it as the difference between a vegan and a vegetarian. As long as New World uses bait and hooks (painful) to catch fish I personally am going to draw a line on the differences between the two. If a trap system (painless) can be used for a catch and release system then I will reconsider the differences between the two kinds of pacifist characters.

How do you view a pacifist character?

I view a pacifist character as someone who will not harm anything living. This includes creatures that may have created by dark magics, such as zombies. They are resourceful and make sure nothing goes to waste. If I were to find a dead creature, I would harvest it for the meat, bone, and fur so that it may be put to use rather than let it rot. I would be skilled in the ways of living off the land in both gathering materials and crafting items. I wouldn't align myself with violent people as they may influence myself, but I will provide assistance by selling them goods and wears so that they don't die while adventuring and I can provide for myself. I will only buy resources from a person who didn't inflict harm in order to obtain the materials. I've also adopted a ask no questions policy when it comes to trading materials, I find it easier to trade when the other person isn't bragging about how they slaughtered an entire army of undead.

Are pacifists role players?

That's up to the person playing the character. I personally am not a role player in the sense of pretending to be a certain persona while in game. I do view myself as a pacifist character and uphold to those ideals, but that is as far as my role playing goes.

Game FAQ

This section covers the basic in game questions about a pacifist character.

How do you verify pacifist character?

A pacifist character will have zero experience in all their weapons and no progress in killing anything in the achievements section. A pure pacifist character will have zero experience in fishing, but a non-pure pacifist may have experience in their fishing.

What do I miss out on as a pacifist character?

  1. Anything combat related. (PvP / Expeditions / Dungeons)

  2. Some quests. (Including the Main Quest Chain)

  3. Joining a Faction. (Requires you to complete killing quests)

  4. Camps. (Requires you to complete killing quests)

Can I still get a house?

Yes. The requirements to get a house is based on your stating from the zone and not a faction. If you know what zone you want your house in, I strongly suggest you start working on your rep in that zone sooner than later as you are not able to gain rep from killing.

Can you group with other players?

Yes; but... there are no benefits of grouping with other players. In order for you to get any kind of credit on quests you will have to take part of the activity.

I have a question that isn't here...

Please reach out to me via one of the connections I have posted below!

What major items will a pacifist character miss out on from the faction vendor?

There are 2 major item types that affect your professions that you will miss out on from the faction vendors. Material Converters and Runes of Holding. The Material Converters enable a player to convert materials found in supply containers (Sandpaper, Flux, Solvent, etc) to another version of the same tier. The Rune of Holdings are used for creating bags to increase your carry limit. While you are unable to obtain them from the vendor; you can buy/trade them from other players.

FAQ Other

For other questions that are not part of the game or concept

How can I connect with you?

You can find me on Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, and Discord. Click one of those links to be directed to my profile / discord server.

I like what you are doing how can I help?

Interact with me while I stream. Talk to me on Discord. Post comments on my YouTube channel. Share my content with friends. Provide me with feedback. Any of this will help me continue working on this project and let me know there is interest in what I am doing.

Can I buy you a beer?

You can buy me a coffee! I'm not a huge fan of the alcoholic beverages.